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Wilderness First Aid Course- March 19-20, 2022

Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2022 1:29 pm
by OzarkTom
Ozark Safety and Rescue Educators will be offering a 2 day Sierra Rescue International Wilderness First Aid course and CPR/AED course at Byron Eubanks' property on the edge of the Caddo river in Arkadelphia. The WFA course will be March 19th-20th and the CPR course will be the evening of the 19th.
The WFA certification is valid for 3 years, and the CPR certification for 2.
Camping will be available on site.
The 2 day WFA course is non-stop action packed with hands on training and scenarios. We focus on the most common back-country injuries and give you the opportunity to actually practice just about everything you learn in the program. If you like just lecture and powerpoint this is NOT the class for you....
As you see in trip reports and posts, it doesn't take long for a day trip to turn into a lot more than you bargained for! We teach proven, easy to remember techniques to deal with just about anything you might encounter, from fractures to anaphylaxis. This course will cover all our standard syllabus as well as additional key skills for paddlers.
The cost of the WFA course is 155.00 which includes your waterproof fieldguide and materials.
(Arkansas Canoe Club ACA Instructors are reimbursed 80.00 of this cost by the ACC)
The CPR/AED certification course will be the Saturday evening after the WFA course is done for the day and will be an Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED course plus additional training on dealing with drowning victims. The CPR/AED course is at no charge to current ACC members thanks to the efforts of the ACC to encourage all members to be current on their CPR certification. For non-ACC members, the cost is still only 45.00
For more information or to register, call Tom at 479-595-1655 or email Or register today here- ... gistration

Tom Burroughs
Ozark Safety and Rescue Educators/
Clear Creek Paddlesports
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