Where to Float in mid August

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Name: Trey Henderson

Where to Float in mid August

Post by tr3yhenderson » Wed Feb 02, 2022 4:29 pm

Hey ya'll, I'm new to arkansas and mid august is the only time this year I can do a float trip. I know many rivers are not ideal at this time, but wanting to know what rivers in Arkansas would be possible to do a 2-3 day float trip during this time?


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Gordon Kumpuris
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Re: Where to Float in mid August

Post by Gordon Kumpuris » Wed Feb 02, 2022 5:05 pm

Hey there. Welcome to Arkansas. As you noted August is about as bad as it gets for paddling in the state. The Spring River in North Central Arkansas near Hardy might be your only naturally flowing stream that is generally considered a float stream. Otherwise, you’re going to need to look for dam controlled streams. By dam controlled I mean streams that rely on water releases from dams. The Quachita below Lake Catherine is a good one. There are guaranteed releases on weekends during the summer. But that’s only for a couple of days and not the entire day either. The little red river in North Central Arkansas is similar. The white river might be your best bet for a multi day trip. It is also dam controlled but I think they generate pretty regularly during the summer. The little red and the white are both generally considered trout fishing streams. They are moving water but not really white water.
If you’re new to Arkansas, you might consider that August is blazing hot and humid too. I personally would never do a multi day anything outdoors during August.

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