Canoeing the little red

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Canoeing the little red

Post by rockbeaverfork » Thu Aug 13, 2020 9:59 am

Hi all,

So I've never been on the Little Red and want to go Saturday. I'm wanting some input about what to expect from a canoeing perspective.

I'm thinking of putting in at the dam site and floating to Lobo. I figure once the water comes up it will move pretty quick. Probably going to get there mid-morning before generation to do some fishing. I have the phone numbers etc for the release schedules and will call that morning. I just am unsure what to expect on the water once generation starts.

What am in for? Fast flat water? Rapids? Lots of trees? Any feedback greatly appreciated! We have plenty of canoe experience on class II+ water, upper buffalo, cadron, big piney. Thanks in advance.

PS, I've also posted on the FB page so...


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