ACA 1 day River Safety & Rescue Clinic 10-07

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ACA 1 day River Safety & Rescue Clinic 10-07

Post by RobM » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:29 pm

This weekend, It's filling up fast! Sign up today by emailing .
Hey Anglers, here it is the river safety & rescue course that goes further into detail about what fishermen & recreational paddlers face year around. And it’s about that time of year to be preparing for fall & winter fishing. So, don’t hesitate to join this active & fun learning experience. We will be going over pins, Entrapments (in fishing line or other objects that’s normally in our rivers & lakes) & hypothermia. We teach methods to prevent these don’t happen. These techniques are really important when you are leading kids or other new comers to our sport. Other hands on techniques we go over is -swimming in moving water, wadding techniques, how to deal with strainers, throwing rope bags & much more. Yes, this course is all about learning safety yet you’ll be going home afterwards talking about how much fun & new experiences you’ve been through.
Registration $75
Buy your tickets at Ozark Mountain Trading Company or right here on this event page. Please email once you’ve bought your ticket please. Call or text Rob at 479-957-8118 with any questions
See ya on the water,

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