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level 4 2-Day Swift Water Rescue Course (July, August)

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:59 pm
by Marcell Jones
Level 4 Two-Day Swift Water Rescue Course
Dates: July 16-17-2016
August 20-21-2016
American Canoe Association (ACA) Curriculum
Course Emphasizes Rescue Skills and Knowledge in a Class II Whitewater River Environment
Learn Individual Self Rescue Techniques
Learn and Practice How to Avoid Potentially Dangerous River Situations
Learn Concepts of Prevention for Safe River Trips
Learn and Practice Aggressive Swimming Techniques in Class II White Water
Learn and Practice Setting Up Anchors for Haul Systems (Unpinning Boats)
Learn and Practice Setting Up Mechanical Haul Systems
Develop Team Building Skills for Your Paddling Group
Practice Skills/Knowledge in Team Scenarios
Have Fun Learning in a Class II River Environment
Location: Ouachita River at Malvern for River Based Topics
Camp Couchdale for Land Based Topics

Cost: $100 Per Person Per Class (12 participants for each class)
Minimum Age: 14
Lodging: Camp Couchdale - AC, Showers, Bunk Beds
Instructors: Walter Felton, Chris Handley, Judy Fitchl, Steve Shepherd, Marcell Jones
Contacts: Marcell Jones at or Arthur Bowie at