Beginner kayak recommendations

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Beginner kayak recommendations

Post by billy_bird » Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:01 pm

New to the sport but very interested.

I plan to do the WW paddling school next year. I also plan to do a fair share of flatwater paddling with my wife, in addition to whatever WW I can find time to do in the spring.

I don't want to invest in two crossover the way to go? Could I get away with creek boat? (I only ask because there was a very affordable LL Jefe available locally).

Specific recommendations on boats? I'm 5'10, 170.


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Re: Beginner kayak recommendations

Post by wiredforsound » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:45 pm

Liquid Logic XP models make a nice crossover rig.
Here's a link to new, but I'd highly recommend starting out with a used boat as you begin your paddling journey.
I've paddled a creeker on an occasional flatwater journey & it works just fine if you prefer more of a workout :grin:
Jeff Neisler (aka wiredforsound, formerly known as Godzilla)

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Re: Beginner kayak recommendations

Post by okieboater » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:20 pm

This question comes up a lot. That is what kayak design should I buy .

There are many answers and most of them are good.

My long term paddle friend Cowper, offered the best answer for newby paddlers I know of.

Forgot the actual words but it was something like " buy what ever you find and can afford and start paddling with a safety bud along"

I totally agree with this concept.

Bottom line is in my opinion there is no perfect kayak that does every thing really well. That is why we have so many kayak designs out there. Same for beginners. Some designs are gonna be easier to paddle than others but no matter what the design most first timers are going to flip and swim. Start out in warm flat or gently moving water and enjoy the swim!

My take is get a boat probably the so called down river style is the best all around but most any plastic river runner or set on top is going to work for first timers or low timers.

My take is get on the water and start paddling. Down River, creekers, many play boats, set on tops anything but a full on squirt boat is going to get you going. As you gain experience just paddling on flat or gently moving water you will get a feel for what your style is probably gonna be. I do highly recommend you boat with a bud. At the start be sure to spend time making sure you are comfy flipping and getting rid of a kayak skirt do this with an experienced bud there to help. Most chapters of the ACC sponsor pool sessions or have members who will help first timers any time. Just go to the meetings and ask. Please do not take a chance of serious injury by boating alone.

Summer is still in full swing but sooner or later it will be cold outside. Hopefully, you can get past the swim every time you go out phase before the cold water gets here.

Have fun, be safe and find a paddle bud (ACC is a great resource) to help you get the basics.
Okieboater AKA Dave Reid

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