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Frequently asked questions

Post by rouble » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:13 pm

Q: Why cant I log in with my canoe club membership info?
A: The forum is free to use for everyone, including those who aren't dues paying members of the canoe club, so it uses its own login system separate from the membership login system.
Click this link to register for a forum account ucp.php?mode=register

Q: I don't remember my username.
A: Use this link to contact the admin and they'll look it up for you memberlist.php?mode=contactadmin

Q: Help! The forum thinks I'm a spammer!
A: We use a third party service to prevent registrations that match common spam accounts on other forums. You've probably picked a username that matches a common spammer username and been temporarily blocked from registering. Wait a while and try registering with a different username. If the problem persists contact the admin by clicking here memberlist.php?mode=contactadmin

Q: How do I attach pictures to my post?
A: While creating your post there will be an Attachments tab under the text box. Click that tab then the "Add Files" button.
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