Swiftwater Rescue Clinic March 25th & 26th

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Swiftwater Rescue Clinic March 25th & 26th

Post by RobM » Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:49 pm

The First Swiftwater rescue clinic of the year.
This is a ACA L4 Swiftwater rescue clinic.
Yes it will still be very cold! Yet this is the time to learn how these cold temperatures affect us. These clinics are designed for fishermen & whitewater enthusiasts, paddling kayaks, canoes or SUP boards.
Fishermen? Why is this course good for fishermen? I see fishermen out in cold weather as much as I see whitewater paddling. Accidents happens, a lot of fishermen ( like myself or I used to be) wear the wrong gear while paddling. Not because they're not being safe, yet not being aware of how their gear will work while being submerged in cold water for long periods of time or being submerged over the head for even a second. This is the clinic to see if your gear works for you & to learn the latest knowledge taught in Swiftwater rescue.
Already took a SWR course? Technology, techniques & styles change. Lives are on the line, if someone figures out a safer way or better technique it's changed then. As years has clicked by, a lot of knowledge change, & practice is the #1 key to SWR ! Take it again every 2 to 4 years. I offer all students that has took a L4 in 2016 to come help out & get a review plus practice those skills. Thanks, I'm looking forward to this clinic!

Cost $135

Call Rob at 479-957-8118 for questions.
Email arkansasoutdooroutfiiters@yahoo.com to sign up.
Also punch going on this event page & I'll make sure you are in by message or calling you.
See ya on the water,

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