Swift Water Rescue Course for Women Oct 18-19

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Swift Water Rescue Course for Women Oct 18-19

Post by kayakmamma » Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:46 pm

American Canoe Association Level IV Swift Rescue Course for Women!
When? Oct. 18-19, 2014 8a.m.-5 each day
Location: Siloam Spring's new whitewater recreation park on the Illinois River, near Fayetteville, Arkansas
Cost: $100
ACA Instructors Judy Fitchl & Lorraine McPhee
This class will be very active and very fun! :yahoo: Learn to prevent negative incidents on the river, :jaws: and become competent rescuers!

For this class you should be able to successfully maneuver your boat in class II rapids. A major focus will be on boat-based rescue techniques. :canoe: However, every woman interested in Swift Water Rescue will benefit from the class. You should be in overall good health and fitness, possess solid swimming ability, and be comfortable swimming in moving current.
Required Gear: Please bring
-boat with airbags
- Life Jacket or a Rescue PFD
-Warm River Clothes (you will be in the water for extended periods of time and will get cold if not dressed properly. A wetsuit or dry suit will likely be necessary). No bare legs! Your legs must be covered to prevent injury.
-Appropriate Footwear (paddling booties, water shoes, etc.)
-Lunch and snacks for each day

Optional Gear:

-Pin Kit (two 15’-20’ pieces of tubular webbing, 2 prussik loops or 4-foot pieces of kern-mantle accessory cord with a 6-8mm diameter, 3 -4 locking carabiners & 2 pulleys that "match" the diameter of your throw rope).
-throw rope

Camping is available nearby if desired: Arkansas 59 Canoeing & Rafting ar59canoeing.com 479-524-2223

To sign up contact:

Lorraine McPhee 682-551-3101 mcpheetx@tx.rr.com or
Judy Fitchl 918-557-6788 creeksntrails@gmail.com
Lorraine McPhee

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