Blue Hole OCA Canoe, $1,000

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Blue Hole OCA Canoe, $1,000

Post by DanF » Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:46 pm

Blue Hole OCA canoe, excellent condition, this boat is exceptionally clean other than the few small cracks that have been repaired, no deep scratches anywhere on boat, 5 small 1" -2" cold cracks that have been excellently repaired see photo with G Flex. One 9" cold crack that was repaired with G Flex before I bought the boat, this repair is also very well done, a bit of spray paint and it would be barely noticeable The leading edge of bow and stern don't have skid plates because it never needed them, there are of course minor scrapes and scratches but excellent condition.
Call Dan, 417 849 6668
cold crack closeup.jpg

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