Mohawk Shaman, Solo Whitewater Canoe, Roylex

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Mohawk Shaman, Solo Whitewater Canoe, Roylex

Post by Arthur Bowie » Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:18 pm

Mohawk Shaman, Solo Whitewater Canoe, Roylex, Red. Factory outfitted with solo saddle, double Thigh Retainer, and 48 inch, yellow air bags. Length -12'7", gunwale width 28", depth 15 1/2", generous rocker, round bottom, soft chine with tumblehome, weight about 55 pounds.

I bought this Shaman from factory in Fort Smith in April 2008 as a backup boat. I did some changes to saddle and used different thigh straps, but it has been in the water just a few times, has only minor scratches and dents as it has been hanging in my garage nearly all the time since 2008.

$1500. Arthur Bowie, Bentonville.

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