NRS Powerhouse paddling jacket - XL - $40

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NRS Powerhouse paddling jacket - XL - $40

Post by Chester » Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:23 pm

NRS Powerhouse Paddling Jacket - Long sleeve - XL
This is an item I decided to keep when I had to quit paddling. Not sure I ever wore it, but did carry it a few times. It is in like new condition, with no tears or signs of wear. Cost was $95 for this NRS breathable fabric jacket. It has covered neoprene at the wrists and neck, with Velcro closures. At the waist is neoprene again, with a drawstring closure. It has a large pocket on front with a waterproof zipper. Color is a mustard yellow, and size is extra large. Now that I only fish, I want to get a rain parka to store in the boat. May be picked up in Hot Springs....... $40
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