Strip Built 16’ Prospector Canoe

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Strip Built 16’ Prospector Canoe

Post by lsippell » Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:10 pm

Completely handmade from Cypress, Ash and Walnut.
1/4” strip planking covered inside and out with 6oz. fiberglass and epoxy.
Stapeless construction thus leaving no holes from staples used to hold the strips against the molds. Special 3-D printed clamps and fixtures were used to hold the strips together and against the forms while the glue between them dried. The only metal in the canoe is the 8, SS screws holding in the hand caned seats and 4 SS pins helping secure the center thwart. Both ends are filled with 2 lb density foam flotation

This is the third strip built canoe I have built. A 15’ Prospector Ranger and a Wee Lassie were the first 2. All started from rough sawed, air dried Cypress lumber 1x12 inch by 16.5 to 17 foot. The planks went thru 8 machining steps using a thickness planner, table saw and edge router.

All planks are booked matched from side to side, i.e.: the 5th. plank down on the right side came from the same board and right next to 5th. strip down on the left side giving the canoe a nice symmetry from side to side
There is no inlay on this canoe. All the feature strips go completely through from inside to outside.
Pictures do not do this canoe justice.

Of he two previous canoes I built, the Prospector Ranger is hanging in a living room when not being used and the Wee Lassie is hanging in a child's bedroom.
I am asking $4600 OBO. I am open to the possibly of a partial trade.

Text to 501-205-9571
or email
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Re: Strip Built 16’ Prospector Canoe

Post by paddledog » Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:47 am

A work of art,
Nice Job....
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