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Trip Coordinator $50 Prize Drawings

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:15 pm
by Lupe
To help members of our paddling community explore all the wonders of Arkansas (and surrounding environs), we are announcing a new program to REWARD our club members who help to coordinate paddling trips. As a trial run, we will be holding a drawing for a $50 GIFT CARD during the months of January and February (one drawing each month). Use your GIFT CARD to pay for gas to and from the river, or pick up a new piece of gear at your local outfitters, or pay for your dinner on the way home…whatever you want!

The trip coordinators for qualifying club trips held during the qualifying time period will be eligible for the drawing. To encourage posting trips ahead of time, trip coordinators who post their trips further in advance can either double or triple their chance of winning. A Club member may not win more than three prizes per year.

THE RULES: In order to be eligible for the $50 GIFT CARD prize, the trip coordinator must meet the following requirements:

1. Current ACC membership is required in order to be a trip coordinator!

2. The trip must be posted on the ACC Message Board in the TRIPS Forum giving the Date and Meeting Time and Meeting Location. If you are posting a trip that will is relying on rain for water level, it is okay to list the trip as TBD among a few rivers (such as Frog Bayou or Mulberry, or Cadron Creek or Illinois Bayou or South Fork Little Red). Car pooling is strongly encouraged!

3. The trip must be posted in advance to give folks a chance to make plans to join. Advance notice for trips must be:

a. For MOVING WATER/WHITE WATER trips that are dependent on rainfall, the trip must be posted at least 24 HOURS before noon of the trip. If you are able to post the PLAN for a MOVING WATER/WHITE WATER trip 48 hours in advance, your name will be entered 2x in the drawing. If you are able to post the trip 78 hours in advance, your name will be entered 3x in the drawing! (For example, a Saturday trip must be posted by noon on Friday to qualify, or by noon on Thursday for double entry, or by noon on Wed for triple entry)

b. For FLAT WATER or MOVING WATER trips that will not be dependent on rainfall, you must post the trip at least 5 days in advance. Such trips could be for a lake paddle, a bayou paddle, a dam release, or even an extended trip such as to the Current River in Missouri or some stretch of the Buffalo River during seasons when a portion is very likely to be running. If you are able to post a planned trip 2 weeks in advance, then you will be entered 2x in the drawing. If you are able to post the trip a full month in advance, you will be entered 3x in the drawing.

4. The trip must be open to any paddler with skills suitable for the river. The trip coordinator, as always, has the right to determine who has the necessary skill level. For safety reasons, the coordinator may restrict the size of the trip; the coordinator is encouraged to post the maximum trip size in advance.

5. The trip needs to have a minimum of THREE participants.

6. A trip report must be posted on the original Trip thread on the message board within 1 week of the trip. “Reports” only need to indicate how many people came out, and a short description of the trip.

The Fine Print:

All participants in Arkansas Canoe Club trips do so as common adventurers. The club or its individual members may coordinate paddling trips but no one is considered leader of a trip. All participants take the responsibility for making their own decisions including, but not limited to, whether to participate on any particular water body or section, what equipment they use, the routes they may choose to paddle, whether their skill levels and abilities are appropriate for the activity or whether climate and water conditions are appropriate for their participation. In choosing to participate in any posted trip, I acknowledged that paddling, like many sports, has inherent dangers which can be minimized through education and experience, but cannot be totally eliminated I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executers, and administrators waive any and all rights and claims for damage I may have against the ACC, its officers and representatives for injuries suffered by me in ACC activities.

• January’s drawing will be held and announced on February 15th.
• February’s drawing will be held and announced on March 15th.
• The $50 Prize can be one of (winner’s choice): gift certificate to Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters, Pack Rat or VISA Gift Card.

If there is enough interest and participation in this program, the ACC Board will consider expanding the program for the rest of 2014. If you like this program, show your support so your ACC Board knows what you think!

Re: Trip Coordinator $50 Prize Drawings

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:32 pm
by Lupe

At our February Board of Directors meeting the Board voted to continue this program through the rest of 2014 to encourage our club members to post/coordinate trips. Our rather depressing lack of rain in January and February lead to slim pickin's, but hopefully March will bring Spring Showers...and lots of trips to coordinate!

BTW - I need to comb through the threads at the end of each month to see whose trips qualified. I would not mind at all if you would like to shoot me a PM after your trip to make sure that I got you on my list!!! Due to the weather, there haven't been that many trips for Jan and Feb, but in the future I think I will post a list of qualifying trips before the drawing and ask that folks contact me before the drawing if they think their trip qualified but I missed it.

January winner: Debo's Hot Red Apple Cider New Year Float!
Feburary winner: Kristian's Eagles & Icicles Trip!
March winner: Margaret's Grassy Lake Tour!
April winner: Chris Crawford's Dragover Trip!
May winner: Chris Crawford's Caddo Trip!
June winner: Jim Kreuger's Cadron Trip!
July winner: Jon Elwood's Remmel to Rockport Trip!


Re: Trip Coordinator $50 Prize Drawings

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:01 pm
by Lupe
Just a reminder folks - to qualify for our monthly prize drawing, you need to not just post your trip, but give a trip report so that we know the trip actually materialized and how many people went.

I am VERY PLEASED to announce we have a new volunteer to organize our monthly drawings....Steve Gabbard. Thank you Steve! With Steve's help, hopefully we won't fall behind on our monthly awards! :wht:

To help make sure your trip is included, please send an email to Steve after you add your trip report!

Are you gonna go paddling? Post a trip! Invite others! Share a river you know with new people!

Thank you ACC Trip Coordinators!

Re: Trip Coordinator $50 Prize Drawings

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:09 pm
by fryingsquirrel
Hey, Nimrod, what are you gonna blow all that dough on? I hear Star Rafts has a 40% off end of season sale :poke2:
Thanks, Heather and Steve.
Jon Ellwood
Little Rock

Re: Trip Coordinator $50 Prize Drawings

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:55 am
by AR-Nimrod
Well F-squirrel I spent Aprils GC on a new knife at OOO. And to tell the truth I wasn't even aware that I had won Mays. Need to hit Heather up about that.