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Friday 7/28/2017 Siloam Springs WW Park

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:12 pm
by paddledog
Sorry about the late notice, but Siloam Springs is giving a thank you party 4 all of their lifeguards that work at the city pool tomorrow at the White Water Park in Siloam Springs. I will be picking up a load of boats loaned out by Ozark Mountain Trading Company and taking them to the park. Anyone who would like to come out and help spread the knowledge of our sport to some like-minded water people is more than welcome and we're even going to feed you dinner. Food and festivities will start around 6 they have a short meeting and we will try and be on the Water by 7 p.m. tomorrow evening for an hour or so of Ford fun. Any extra gear such as helmets or life jackets you could bring would be great. Make sure you have your name in them so there's no mix up.