Dierks kayak festival June 17,18, 19th

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Dierks kayak festival June 17,18, 19th

Post by gannon311 » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:03 pm

You don't want to miss out on this!!!

Dierks Kayak Festival at Horseshoe Bend
Alright folks ..... We are here to inform you that the Dierks kayak festival for June 17th , 18th , and 19th is a go! The Corp. has agreed to give us a 3 day release! We will be doing our best to make this event everything it needs to be but we have a really short time to do it in.... So let's get down to business. Below will be a ruff itinerary of the weekends events. We will need several volunteers to make all this happen and run smoothly. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can contact us thought this page.

The itinerary looks like this .......
* Set up day / practice
* 10am Down river signup
* 11am race
* 1pm HTTD signup
* 2pm competition.
* 5pm raft and shredder rides for the public. (If not a ACA member this will have a $5 charge for insurance purposes)
* 7:30pm hunker down tournament.
* Safe light till 1pm Kayak bass tournament on the lake
* Clinics on general river safety,Swiftwater rescue,intro to kayaking / canoeing , and some more advanced clinics like playboating and rolling are planed also. We will nail down some times when we get all that lined out.
* 2pm tournament weigh in.

This is a rough schedule. Just letting everyone know about how things will go. Events are subject to change but not likely. So make plans to stay the weekend..... It will be a blast!!!!
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Re: Dierks kayak festival June 17,18, 19th

Post by Barry Thomas » Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:07 pm

Looks great!
Thank you Jeff and all the others who are putting this together. You are great ambassadors for our sport. Unfortunately my family and I are already attending the Illinois River Splash at Siloam Springs that weekend, but we want to wish you the best and hope the festival turns out great!

Thanks again for all the hard work
-Barry, Heather, and the boys....

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