Paddle log: 2013

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Paddle log: 2013

Post by tomOzarkVideo » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:41 am

2013 was a great year! Picked up my first playboat, which provided some humbling moments at first. Once I got used to the volume, the playing got heavy. Racking up moves instead of miles made for a low mile season this year. Many swims were had, too many boats purchased, many new rivers paddled and many familiar places were broken down like never before. Tracy and I did ICW this year and found it to be one of the most challenging and humbling experiences of our lives.
Now, Tracy is stepping from creek to play machine. Should be a productive 2014. We mostly stayed away from the ford in 2013.. We'll be living there in 2014.

January 19th White River (dam to bartrand)
3 miles - ACC eagle float (PFD)

February 2-3 Kings River (Marble to Marshall Ford)
11 miles - Kristian and Liz (PFD)

February 17th Illinois (Chamber Springs to 16)
6 miles - Kristian and Liz (PFD)

Mar 2nd Mulberry (little Mul to Indian creek) 4mi (2.7' turner)

Mar 3rd Mulberry (Big eddy to Campbell's) 7mi (2.6' turner) (PFD)

Mar 16 Ford (arm check/New BOAT!!) 2 hrs

Mar 31 Frog Bayou (ribbit run) 8mi (2.6') (PFD)

April 6 Mulberry (Big Eddy to Campbell's) 7mi (3') (ave)

April 20 Buffalo (Ponca to Kyle's) 10mi 21' airspace (ave)

May 4 Mulberry (Milton Ford to Cambell's) 2 miles (filming) 2.9'

(Averie ran the same in class both days)

May 5 Mulberry (High Bank to Whoop) 4 miles (filming) 2.85'

May 12 Mulberry (big Ed to Campbell's) 7miles 2.1' - played HARD!

May 17 The (natural) Ford 4.26' (sloppy, thrashy and unretentive) 2hrs

May 18 The (natural) Ford 4' (Still sloppy, thrashy and even less retentive) 4hrs

May 22nd CLEAR creek (church to ash) 6 miles (Tracy only) (PFD)
May 23rd West Fork (alt rest stop to cemetery) 6 miles (Tracy only) (PFD)

May 25th Ouachita 3 miles (dragover) 4.5' (PFD)
May 26th Ouachita 3 miles (dragover) 4'
May 27th Ouachita 3 miles (dragover) 3.75'

June 1st Lee Creek 4.2mi - two laps 6' (Averie and Tom's PFD)
June 2nd Frog 8mi (Ribbit run) 4.6' (Averie's PFD)

June 8th Mulberry (big Ed to Campbell's) 7miles 2.4' (Shane's redemption)

June 16 The (natural) Ford 4 hours
June 17 Illinois 3 mi (412 to chamber springs)

June 29 Nantahala 8mi (Powerhouse to NOC) (Averie PFD)
June 30th Averie NOC lessons (Surfers to NOC)
June 30th Tuckaseege 3mi (hwy19 to Devil's dip) PFD
July 1st Upper Nantahala 3mi (1310 to 19) PFD
July 2nd Pigeon 5miles (Powerhouse to NOC) 2250cfs (Family PFD)
July 5th Rockport Ledge (3hrs)
July 6th Rockport Ledge (4hrs)

July 13-14 Rockport (SWRT)

July 27th Rockport (HTTD) 5hrs

Aug 11 Buffalo (ponca to kyles) 10.8 miles 4.2'

Aug 18th Illinois (Kinchloe to chamber springs) 2.8 miles 3.5'

Aug 24th Big sugar (Deep ford to Pineville) 4 miles 4.9'

Sep 7th (The natural Ford) 3hrs (in the seat)

Sep 14 Elk (private to Cowskin) 3 miles 2.67'

Sep 21 Ouachita (rockport) 3-4hrs seat time.

Nov 10 Mulberry (Big Eddy to Campbell's) 7miles 2.5'

Nov 22 (lake Gilliam) 2hrs
Nov 23 Cossatot 3miles (246 to Ed banks) 4.5'
Nov 24 Cossatot (deer camp rapid) 2hrs

Dec 6 Chattahoochee (ICE) 5 hours
Dec 7 Chattahoochee (ICE) 3 miles, 5 hours and a BIG SWIM!
Dec 8 Chattahoochee (ICE) 5 hours

Dec 28 THE Ford 1 hour

149 miles (47 days on the water)
"My favorite rapid was Boogie Water" - kru

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by hdh » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:29 am

Not as Detailed but
Red River
Little (smokes)
Little River Caynon
Whites Creek (tenn)
Saline ( Dierks )
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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by mgood » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:19 am

Yeah, no dates and I'll combine a lot of trips, but here goes:

Johnnies Creek laps (LRC tributary)
Upper Two on down- LRC
Upper Richland laps
Twin Devils Huck
The Ford
Cossatot Laps
Cheoah Laps
ELF Nantahala Cascades, regular Cascades, & Upper Nantahala
Upper and Middle Ocoee
Ouachita River (Rockport)
Overflow Creek (GA)
Tellico laps
Little River, TN- Sinks to Elbow
Middle Fork of the White

Apparently I need to hit up the Arkansas stuff a lot more.

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by jdryden78 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:25 pm

I only wish my trips were close to that varied.

White River (Dam to Houseman/Houseman to Tablerock)
Ouchita River (Remmel to Rockport)
Beaver Lake

Total miles (per exercise app)

At least its up from the previous year of 99.75 (just started paddling May of 2012)

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Louiscov » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:17 pm

Here's my modest list as a rec boater (some who've seen me paddle might say I'm more of a WRECK boater. :grin: )

Ticfaw River* (Louisiana)
Bayou Perronet*
Bayou Dorecheat

Mulberry (Arkansas)
South Fouche*
Crooked Creek*
Spring River

Big Piney River* (Missouri)
North Fork of White*
Bryant Creek*

Rowlett Creek* (Texas)

Those marked by an asterisk were streams I'd never paddled: these got me up to 59 streams, the Little Maumelle Jan 1, 2014, was # 60. Six years ago I was at 28 streams, then I joined ACC and got INSPIRED. Thanks to all who post, give reports and photos, plan trips, and just keep us all fired up about paddling.
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louis covington

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Lupe » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:03 pm

I don't really keep a paddle log, but 2013 was definitely a very, very special year for me paddling wise. From July 2010 through most of 2012 I thought my "big whitewater" days were over due to the nerve damage in my right shoulder. I started dabbling with an open boat on easy whitewater in 2012, but it was 2013 when I started realizing I had regained a lot of strength and could start paddling a kayak on harder whitewater again. 2013 was my "I'm back!" year. I paddled the Cossatot in 2013 I think more times than I had in all the years previous (it just seemed to always be running!). I managed to get on the Upper Little Missouri 2x in 2013 which is always a treat. I got to paddle Richland in August 2013 which was particularly emotional for me as that was a run I really had thought I would never get to do again. I ran Richland again in December 2013 in below freezing temps which was also a very special day. I got back to the Ocoee in 2013, which was the very last thing I had paddled in 2010 before I got sick. That was sweet! I got to add the Upper Ocoee as a personal first descent over Labor Day, and paddled new to me runs on the Upper Green and French Broad in North Carolina in October. I also did my personal first descent of the Cossatot in a whitewater canoe in March and did my ACA Canoe Instructor certification in April (the ww canoe has since been collecting cobwebs in the garage, but please don't tell Walter that).

Given my job in 2013 had me traveling more and working longer hours than ever before, I'm pretty happy with the paddling I did. Of course I envy the type of river days and river miles that folks like Chicago Bob are able to achieve, but sitting on the sidelines for over 2 years definitely taught me to appreciate EVERY SINGLE DAY on the water, and I'm thrilled for each and every one I had in 2013, all with great friends.

Paddling is a wonderful, wonderful thing that I love, and I'm so happy for the adventures I had in 2013...I hope to have new ones to cherish from 2014!

Heather aka Lupe
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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Ztmoore84 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:37 pm

1. South Fourche (3 times)
2. WF White (once)
3. Lee (6 Laps)
4. Upper Mberry (too many to count)
5. Lower Mberry (once)
6. Tot (4 laps)
7. Upper Richland (once)
8. Middle Ocoee (4 laps)
9. Sect IV Chattooga (once)
10. Sect 3 Chattooga (once)
11. Frog Bayou (once)
12. Elk (once)
13. Big Sugar (once)
14. Big Piney (once)
15. Cadron (once)

1. Wister
2. Fisher's Ford
3. Rockport
4. Whoop N Holler

Hell of a paddling year. Many PFD's. Thanks to all that guided me down. Let's hope 2014 is just as good or better!!!

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Waterman » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:45 pm

I had a great year of paddling in 2013, highlighted by the August rains that had every river in the state running. Here is my list, with river levels in parentheses and first time floats noted in asterisk. All floats in my kayak (Burn) except as noted.

Winter and Spring Floats:

S. Fourche LaFavre (5.5)*
Cadron (three times – 2.1, 2.6 and 3.1)
Big Piney – Ft Douglas to Waterman Ford (4.0)
Mulberry – Wolf Pen to Byrds (2.7)
Hickson Lake*
Mulberry – L. Mulberry to Byrds (2.5)
Buffalo – Ponca to Kyles (2.8)(canoe with my son)
Big Piney – Waterman to Phillips Ford (2.8)(canoe with daughters)
Big Piney – Waterman to Phillips Ford (2.6)(Dagger impulse)
Mulberry – High Bank to Byrds (2.6)(twice)
Mulberry – Redding to Turner Bend (2.6)*

Summer Floats:

Illinois River*
Buffalo River – Boxley to Kyles (3.2)*
Big Piney – Heltons to Longpool (4.1)

Aug 18- Dec 15: Out of action from shoulder injury (frayed labrum; non-river injury)

Winter Floats:

Buffalo – Hailstone (5.3)*

I hope 2014 will be so good.

John Fletcher

You never step into the same river twice.

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by adamm » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:11 pm

2013 was a great year for me also. I was able to spend every wed night on the water either at fishers ford or playing boatball. I was also able to take a few trips out east although I didnt paddle as much as i wanted to while i was there. I took several classes that the ACC offered throughout the year. I went through the instructor certification process in late nov early dec. I was able to get several people who were not previous paddlers onto the water and to gain a passion for kayaking. I am bound and determined to make 2014 an even better year.
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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by MaxTexan » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:04 am

Congrats Heather.
In 2009 I tore 4 ligaments in my control wrist. It was not until 30 months later that I thought I could paddle.
2013 will be known for figuring out CO water is closer to Amarillo than AR and becoming a life member of AW.
New streams in 2013: Arkansas, Animas and San Juan.


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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Opes » Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:24 pm

I really wish I had a better paddle log like Tom does. Mine is all in my head...which is not the most reliable.

I had a great second season of Paddling. I got many personal first decents. I still have not caught Richland or the Hailstone and they are high on my list. I will get them in 14!

Here are my 2013 rivers:
-Kansas River- Lots of time here. The local practice spot.
-Mill Creek, KC- Maybe one of the best waves anywhere in the region when it runs.
-Blue River, KC- Several times
-Indian Creek, KC- Several times
-Trading Post, Marais Des Cygnes River, KS- Lots of time here. Awesome play spot and spin hole.
-Buck Run Creek, KS- Awesome KS creek! What a find in KS!
-Mulberry, AR- Multiple times
-Spring River, AR- Multiple times
-South Fork of the Spring, AR- Multiple times
-Buffalo River, AR
-Cossatot, AR- Multiple times. Once over 5' and that was a ton of fun.
-Elk River, MO- (If that nasty little stream counts)
-St. Francis River, MO at 40"-That is one awesome run at high water!
-St. Francis River, MO at regular flows- Multiple times
-Eleven Point River, MO
-Charles City Play Park, IA- Several trips there. If you are ever up that way I highly suggest it. Great features and
awesome locals to paddle with.
-Arkansas River, CO- Numbers section
-Cache La Poudre, CO- Upper Mish through Bridges. What an incredible run. Maybe my favorite week of the year.
-St. Vrain, CO- Lyons Playpark and section of river upstream.
-NF of the Southe Platte, CO- Went out for Bailey fest.
-Ocoee River, TN- Multiple Times
-Nantahala River, NC
-Gauley River, WV- The lower was an absolute blast.

Overall a great paddling year. On top of paddling many new rivers and seeing my skill progress, I have met many wonderful river folks. I can't wait to see what rivers 2014 brings! :beer2:



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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by tomOzarkVideo » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:00 pm

Nice range of water, Josh!!

Don't go bad mouthing the Elk now... :poke2: It keeps the riff raff off of the Buffalo. :ROFL:
"My favorite rapid was Boogie Water" - kru

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Billyp » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:24 pm

This was really my first year paddling whitewater. I was able to get in several new rivers and spent a lot of time with good friends. Looking forward to many more great seasons.

Cossatot (AR)
S. Fourche (AR)
Mullberry (AR)
Little River (TN)
Tellico (TN)
Ouachita - Rockport (AR)
Lower Mountain Fork (OK)
Red (LA)


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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by cole m » Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:46 pm

Little river canyon(Alabama)
Little river(smokies)
Whites creek
Falling water
Saint Francis
Harris creek
Baker creek
Drag over
Little Missouri
open boater

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Re: Paddle log: 2013

Post by Jim E » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:57 pm

2013 floats


Little River (TN)


South Fourche Lafave
Little Missouri
Baker Creek
Richland Creek
Blocker Creek
Falling Water Creek


Lower Mountain Fork
Clear Creek
Just living the liquid lifestyle!!!

Jim Enns <*)))))))))><

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